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    • June 19th, 2009

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              3 Eye Fish Premium and Incentives Division
              The premium and incentive division is primarily a Solution provider to its clients. We are fully integrated promotional marketing services company with over 20 years experience in developing, executing and managing marketing, promotional and specialized retailing programs across canada.

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              四川快乐十分走势图-Vivitar, Tickers, Disney, SimonSays, Tek2Go, 3 Eye Fish, Toronto Promotional and Wholesale Products

              ::Key Finder




              What makes our key finder the most advance key finding system available?
              Range - With an effective range of over 40 meters, and ability to find keys that are hidden in drawers, pockets and other hard to find places- Find -It! Is by far the most effective tool of its kind for finding lost keys
              Convenience - The Find It! System is made of a transmitting and receiving units.  The transmitting unit is designed in a shape of a thin credit card ( 2.9 mm) that can fit in any purse or wallet.  That means that you can now find your lost keys, not only in your home but anywhere you go.


              Technology - The Find It! System relies on the latest RF detection  technology which ensures that your keys will always be found, while at  the same time no "False Alarms: will ever be heard.



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